Diploma In Ship Catering Management-1 Year

Minerva College of Catering & Hotel Management is the best in the field as it provides mentored Educational Experience

Ship catering college in coimbatore

Ship catering college in Coimbatore

  • Students at Ship catering/marine catering are trained to perform high-level food production.
  • Students are trained to understand different types of ship’s Requirements and their planning’s  accordingly
  • Apart from this students are taught about weather forecasting, budgeting, report making, sourcing the products, etc.
  • Ship catering has an exciting career path in the field of shipping | Cruise lines| cargo Ships| Merchant vessel |Offshore Drilling platforms |Mega yacht |Ferries, etc.

Ship catering course in coimbatore

Tourism is one of the major industry thrusting the economy of India and the world at its pace and with a growth rate of 40% per annum Hospitality sector is booming at its best, but the lack of qualified professionals are weakening the sector’s strength and the major players in the Hotel and Tourism sector are striving hard to cope up with the limited supply.

We wholeheartedly welcome you to the family of Indian Institute of Ship catering, where we are committed to our theme ‘ Diploma In SHIP CATERING MANAGEMENT’ and any course you choose will prove as a transformation of yourself from an average individual to a successful professional mentally, physically and morally in this competitively growing industry.

Ship catering course in coimbatore


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About Ship Catering

Catering is defined as the business of providing food and drink, typically at social events and in a professional capacity either on-site or at a remote site. The term was originally coined by the Merchant Marines, who were among the first to employ catering officers for their vessels. These catering officers were responsible for purchasing goods, preparing food, and serving the meals and beverages to the other people on board the vessels. They also had to perform other ship-related tasks. Having built his reputation over many years training cooks around the world both on and offshore, Henry is passionate about passing his exacting standards across the marine catering sector and delivering direct solutions to catering staff While competitors have turned towards distance-learning formats to train catering staff and ship management teams on issues such as sees the value in face-to-face training to get past language barriers and engage masters, management teams and catering staff in a way they can’t be reached through a screen. In fact, Henry, along with his team of highly qualified professional chefs, has successfully trained multinational crew from, among others,