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Best catering and hotel management college in Cuddalore

Join a prestigious BSc catering and hotel management college in Cuddalore . Gain industry exposure and expertise for a rewarding future.

Welcome to Minerva College of Catering and Hotel Management, the best catering and hotel management college in Cuddalore. We are the leading institution for catering sciences and hotel management nestled in the heart of Cuddalore, with a dedication to sculpting the next generation of culinary experts and Hospitality leaders. Michm opens a wide opportunity to students at the beginning of their career by offering a range of courses from professional diplomas to full-fledged Bachelor’s degrees. Our college is a beacon for aspiring chefs and hotel managers, preparing them to meet the dynamic demands of the global hospitality industry.

Diploma in Catering & Hotel Management


For young aspirants who are looking for a catering course after 10th in Cuddalore, at Minerva college of Catering and Hotel Management we offer a diploma in catering & hotel management in Cuddalore. Kick-start your culinary and hospitality journey with our industry-centric Diploma in Catering & hotel management. If you are thinking of undertaking a chef course after 10th in Cuddalore, this diploma course is the best option to choose from that introduces into the art of cooking, culinary techniques and food presentation, giving students with a deeper understanding of the world of culinary.

B.Sc Catering Science & Hotel Management 

At Minerva college of Catering and Hotel Management we offer the best course in catering science & hotel management in Cuddalore, this program is for those who are looking to specialize in the field of catering and hospitality while seeking a catering course after 12th in Cuddalore.  Our catering science & hotel management program is meticulously crafted to provide an in-depth understanding of the catering science and the nuances of hotel management. Our curriculum packed with enriching practical experiences prepares the students to carry out their profession with confidence and expertise.

If you are looking for the top catering & hotel management Colleges in Cuddalore, we invite you to Minerva college of Catering and Hotel Management to embark on a journey of culinary excellence and hospitality leadership with us, where your dreams of becoming a chef or hotel manager can turn into reality. Join us to create a future filled with flavour, innovation and success.