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The aim of our catering courses and hotel management institute is to offer best education to everyone.

I believe that there is always something new to learn, in fact, that is one of the reasons that I chose to become a chef lecturer, so that my education is never over. here we minerva started culinary club to enhance students individual’s talents on culinary skills, I believe that our students don’t make mistakes they make new dishes, usually our club members works together, helps each other, I think the amount of work that it takes to train everybody, so they’re ready to put forth the vision we expect. I wish all the very best for our students future goals..

Minerva’s Culinary Club is about Loving food and introducing new Techniques to students of other disciplinary and to discover their hidden passion in culinary arts. Our Culinary Club was introduced in the year 2019 with the aim of introducing and developing new techniques and creativity among the fellow students.

Minerva’s culinary club has organized several workshops by introducing various industry experts and culinary experts as Guest Speakers for presentations of new trends in culinary world.

We are very happy and proud to say that this club is fully “Student driven” club where the culinary student brings his choice of recipes which they would like to learn or to give a demonstration to the other disciplinary students.


Our Dream is to bring students from multidisciplinary together and form a Strong bond through the passion of culinary……….

Minerva College Of Catering & Hotel Management.

In Minerva Institutions, we inaugurated Eco Club on April 8th, 2022 which is a voluntary group in which we promote the participation of students in learning about, and improving their environment. In our college, we encourage green movement in the form of an eco-club by which students and youth can organize themselves to learn more and also take action to improve their environment.
The main aim of our college in establishing the Eco Club was to conserve the natural resources and the natural environment to create an Eco-friendly environment and create awareness of biodiversity conservation and local environmental issues among children and create a clean and green consciousness among students through various innovative methods. Our Eco club can thus help to extend the boundaries and scope of the formal educational system encouraging creativity, and improving students for constructive action. We motivate the students to keep their surroundings green and clean by undertaking plantation of trees, water conservation, energy conservation, composting of biodegradable wastes, recycling of plastics, etc.
1. An International day for Biological Diversity event held at SACON, Anaikatti in collaboration with the Eco Club of Minerva Institutions.
The eco-club of Minerva Institutions organized an event for International Day for Biological Diversity in collaboration with SACON, Anaikatti on May 20th.
The event began after a short nature walk in the woods with a welcome note by Director in charge Dr. Muralidharan. It was followed by a presentation on the topic “Fish Migration Stories” on behalf of World Fish Migratory Day by Senior Scientist Dr.Vidhyadhar Atkore. Then it was followed by planting several saplings on the campus of SACON by our principal and chairman along with other delegates and students. The variety of saplings list is as follows:
• Tamarindus indica(Tamarind tree)
• Terminalia catappa(Badam tree)
• Syzygium cumini(Jamun tree)
• Careya Arborea(Khumbha tree)
• Pithecellobium dulce(Manila tamarind tree)
Afterward, the eco-club members and the students of Minerva Institutions were involved in a “Clean Up Drive” along the river stream on the campus. The event ended with the valedictory note and the distribution of certificates to the participants.
We create an environment where students will embrace responsibilities to serve the community and society through the Eco Club. It brings about momentous changes in society through interactions at the gross root level with regards to different segments such as education, health care, and ecological care, etc.
( Minerva Educational Institutions)
The Eco Club envisages that a group of people who are interested in doing something for the environment can achieve much more than an individual can. Groups promote discussion which can lead to innovative and exciting ideas. The club enables the students to do something positive about the environment and exciting activities can be generated around the topic “Our Environment”.

Kiruthika. R
Eco Club Co-ordinator
As the president of the Eco Club, we hope to bring an awareness among the students about the problems, dangers faced by the planet Earth and the measures that need to be taken to preserve the ailing planet.

Vishnu Priya.T.U
Eco Club President